I began painting under the name J.Timothy Lancaster some fifty-five years ago.  For nearly forty years of that time I have held a brush for six days a week and made my living accepting any and all work that could be done with a brush.  I eventually established such a reputation for beautiful and interesting work, I could pick and choose only those jobs that interested me and for the last 12 years or so the only painting that has interested me is canvas art.

There is an old saying ‘about as boring as watching paint dry’.  Actually I have always found it quite fascinating.  I remember rolling out a China Blue wall at the age of 8 or so and sitting there seeing trees and hills and elephants and clouds in the different tones of dry and wet areas on the walls.  I thought then it’d be super cool to try to bring those out with other colors. 

Nowadays I throw paint squeeze paint and drip paint sometimes from 10 or 12 feet in the air and sometimes from the ground, I use sponges soaked in different colors, I squeegee paint on and off, I even use brushes sometimes; and eventually the trees and hills and elephants and clouds start appearing again, or in other words it starts to remind me of some picture, some scene in my photographic memory .  

I now go back into those areas  with different colors and bring out what I am seeing in my mind’s eye.  It is child’s play but in the hands of a grisly old master painter who is well versed in the ancient principles that have guided the masters for many many generations.