FlesGnoode is term I coined to express the ArtSpirit.  The paintings on this site are expressions of feelings natural wonders have given rise to in my heart and soul.  I draw deeply from the tonalist movement as they too were concerned with the expression of a spiritual quality, mood and poetry.
All of these pieces are constructed with dozens and dozens of thin glass like glazes that are colored in harmony because there are only three primary colors used.  Every color is a mixture of only three colors plus of course white…… What is seriously lost in photography is the glass like quality of the surface.  These were strongly inspired by the Rookwood Pottery plaques made in Cincinnati around the turn of the century.
As a young man just beginning my career, a noble Doctor patron shared with me his extensive collection of Rookwood plaques. He said ” are you a painter or a painter?”
I can be reached at FlesGnoode@gmail.com. Or you post a note to my blog here.