proprietary glaze on linen, unframed


Description of untitled Idaho

The majority of the images are memories from a cross country trip in 2014. It began in Theo. Roosevelt N.P. went all the way to Redwoods and the pacific shoreline; and back through Rocky Mountain N.P…. We stopped in eight in all.  It became a spiritual pilgrimage wherein we were deeply invested in the spiritual messages and feelings experienced in such remote pure landscapes.

I frankly do not remember with much specificity where this site was other than the high plains country.  If you have never been there it is perhaps the most tonal and most spiritual 150 miles of driving on the planet.  I just remember miles and miles and miles and miles of tall grasses with an occasional distant structure intimating the presence of real people in this remote area.

After several hours of driving and becoming mesmerized by the swaying wind blown grasses, the sun began to wane over the horizon and the dance began of light and form and rhythm and harmony. A tonalist’s dream!

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