30"x30" delicately colored glaze on linen, framed


Description of the night we prayed

My wife and I had just completed two long days of driving to reach Medora,North Dakota. A small town of shops and hotels, restaurants and a gas station; all which support  visitors to Theo. Roosevelt N.P.

I had just stepped out of a small shop when my son called to let me know my mother had passed on>  It was not a surprise but still a quieting moment.  We drove on into the park and found a ridge overlooking a long winding river bed. To our left a herd of bison was grazing and making their way across the river. To our right the sun was setting and a large herd of elk seemed frozen in time, very still.

We sat and prayed a good while and as it was getting on into the evening, we made our way back up a craggy dirt path demanding full attention to safely walk.  As I made the top and the clearing, I looked up and this field of various colored grasses was fully  in the shadows; the distant hill was catching, some how, a long last ray of light from the sun which had fully set to our eyes.  It was the first time I was somewhere so big, you could literally see the rays curving with the earth.  So even though the sky behind was nearly dark, this little hill was bathed in light.

It was the perfect setting for such a moment.  Nature has always been the sanctuary I go to seeking communion with the Eternal beyond this world.


























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