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by J.Timothy Lancaster in Uncategorized


The new series is coming online.

I was deeply humbled and excited by the success of the American Tonalism Series. It was and is a tribute to the Rookwood Plaques of the early 1900’s.  They deeply inspire me and have since I first saw a collection of them in Doctor Kelly’s home when I was in my early 20’s.

This series builds on the new insights gained through doing pieces with 90 or more layers of glaze. The challenge was to create the depth and subtlety without the ceramic like glaze the Tonal series required.

These are created using many many layers of a nearly clear slightly colored glaze but instead of a ceramic like finish these are very flat and almost pastel/chalk like and very soft.  There is no light reflectance from indirect sources of light. The advantage over pastels is that these are a paint finish so there is no dust, or danger of smearing etc.

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